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Company Background

Agro Metal dates back to the 1960s when co-founder started selling steel, pipes, fittings and various building materials.

His diligence, hard work, and commitment gave him an edge in the expansion of his business, and he soon introduced different  branches. His entrepreneurial nature enabled him to spot a niche in the world market and saw the need to engage in the export and import of the products.

Agro Metal initially concentrated on the steel industry, where he had specialized in the trade of steel materials. The founder’s previous engagements enabled him to gain substantial experience in the various sectors, which would serve as a solid foundation from which the Group of companies would use to expand to greater heights of success.

Agro-Metal today is a well-established and highly reputed company based in Dubai-UAE, and active in diverse industries. The company has a solid business in the trading industry, and has continually expanded its operations to accommodate the significant increasing clientele base.

The company aims at excelling in all its endeavours, and this has been made possible through the careful cultivation and management of the highly experienced, smart, and innovative executives. Their collaborative efforts, backed up by years of experience in international trade, has ensured the company obtained competitive advantage in the global markets.

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Agro Metal is involved in the supply chain of metals, minerals and energy products.

Office No: LB04124, P.O. Box 262679, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Agro Metal has offices, representative offices and agents in about 14 countries.