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The firm’s mission is to ensure that it becomes one of the worlds most highly respected and trusted brands.


The firm aspires to build the best brand value through the incorporation of expertise and innovation, to provide the best and most reliable customer value possible. This need for success involves hiring and training of diverse workforce of the highest level of professionalism and ensuring that we maintain international standards of excellence in everything we do.


The Firm’s values act as a blueprint for all its operations and serve to showcase the Group’s credibility among national businesses and to ensure that it always gives back to the community.

Future plans

Over the years, Agro Metal has expanded its operations continuously. Market research and analysis has always been, and will always remain, the key to the success of the firm. It has equipped the company to become capable of meeting the ever-changing market demands. Its objectives to expand into new industries, new activities, and new markets are always the driving force for studying the market requirements. Agro Metal has focused on diversifying businesses to meet the various customer segments and intends to expand by investing in expertise and research to foresee the new market dynamics.

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Agro Metal is involved in the supply chain of metals, minerals and energy products.

Office No: LB04124, P.O. Box 262679, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Agro Metal has offices, representative offices and agents in about 14 countries.